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Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration (Years) Grand in Lakhs
Synthesis of super absorbent hydrogels UGC Jan 1999 to Dec 2000 0.3
Flyash filled polyester / glass for SMC and DMC. Influence of silanes, chrome complexes and titanate UGC May 2001-April 2004 2.68
Development of Techniques for fabrication of PEEK / carbon fiber composites and their characterizati ISRO/RESPOND April 2003-December 2005 4.51
Development of Epoxy resin from Soybean oil and fabrication of Epoxy / Glass fiber composites DST October 2004 – March 2008 19.05
Synthesis of organic compounds/ functionalized polymers PPG INdustries, USA Feb 2005 to Jan 2006 4.5
Development of Phthalocyanine based resins for composite applications –Phase I DRDO ER&IPR March 2005 to Jan 2007 14.95
Development of phthalocyanine modified polyimide/ carbon fibre composite for high temperature applic DRDO ER & IPR Mar 2007 to Sept 2008 14.98
Synthesis and characterization of cyanate ester end capped thermoplastics and their blends with bisp UGC Mar 2007 to Mar 2010 6.69
Design of Self-Assembling Amphiphilic Photogenerators, High Performace Polymers and Cellulose/ Polym Joint Project with Carleton University, Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (Calgary, Canada) May to August 2008 17,000 Canadian dollars
Development of new thermoset polyimides for PMR-15/DMBZ-15 replacement ISRO/RESPOND March 2009 to 2012 12.1208
Studies on new crosslinked polybenzoxazines and benzoxazine/BMI glass fiber composites DST May 2009 to 2013 17.71
Linear ether and ketone containing phthalonitrile resin with reactive pendants for advanced composit CSIR April 2012 to 2015 14.02
Synthesis and characterization of silsesquioxane – polyimide nanocomposites UGC July 2012 to 2015 12.258
Special Assistance Programme – DRS II – Deputy Co-ordinator UGC 2011-2015 58
Special Assistance Programme – DRS III – Deputy Co-ordinator UGC 2016-2021 89.5