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Type Scholar Name Title Year of Study Status
Ph.D S.Guhanathan Studies on toughening of Fly-ash based polyester particulate Composites 2000-2003 Completed
Ph.D R.Hariharan Synthesis and properties of new polyimides and polyaspartimides 2001-2005 Completed
Ph.D S.Bhuvana Synthesis and characterization of soluble poly (amide-imides) 2002-2007 Completed
Ph.D N.Amutha Synthesis and characterization of new polyimides and polyaspartimides 2003-2008 Completed
Ph.D G.Anuradha Synthesis and characterization of novel cyanate esters, cyanate ester/bmi composites 2003-2008 Completed
Ph.D L.S.Jayakumari Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of New Cyanate Ester, Cyanate Ester/Epoxy Blends and Comp 2002-2008 Completed
Ph.D P.S.Sampath (Joint Supervisor) Studies on Inter laminar Fracture toughness (Mode I) of polyurethane toughened epoxy / glass fiber c 2001-2008 Completed
Ph.D V.Thulasiraman Synthesis, characterization and properties of novel cyanate ester, cyanate ester/epoxy blends and co 2004-2008 Completed
Ph.D P.Selvakumar Synthesis and characterization of phthalonitrile polymers and their nanocomposites with CNT 2006-2010 Completed
Ph.D M.Anitha Malbi Synthesis and characterization of new poly (ether imide)s 2001-2010 Completed
Ph.D R.Bhaskaran Unsaturated polyester/inorganic mineral nanocomposites - Preparation and properties 2001-2012 Completed
Ph.D R.Sivasankari Studies on the preparation, characterization and properties of polyimides containing thiophene/dithi 2007-2012 Completed
Ph.D S.Rakesh Studies on novel cyanate esters – Gel, Blends and composites 2006-2013 Completed
Ph.D M.Selladurai Synthesis and properties of PMR polyimides and composites using non – carcinogenic diamines 2007-2013 Completed
Ph.D B.Govind Synthesis and characterisation of polyimide/f-POSS and polyimide/f-MWCNT nanocomposites 2008-2013 Completed
Ph.D K.Kumutha Studies on novel phthalonitrile polymers, blends and nanocomposites 2008-2016 Completed
Ph.D A. Shakila Parveen Low dielectric materials from fluorinated polybenzoxazines, PBZ/SiO2 and PBZ/TiO2 nanocomposites 2009-2016 Completed
Ph.D C.P.Sakthidharan Studies on Schiff base functionalized and Betti type cyanate ester and its blends with epoxy 2010-2016 Completed
Ph.D P.Thirukumaran Studies on novel bio based polybenxoxazines from renewable resources: Co – polymers, composites an 2011-2015 Completed
Ph.D R.Balasubramanian Synthesis and properties of polytriazoleimides (by click reaction), polyetherimides and nanocomposit 2011-2016 Completed
Ph.D S.Balaji Optically active polyimides and their nanocomposites with POSS and grapheme oxide 2013-2017 Completed
Ph.D M.Fathima Rigana Hyper branched polyimides (A2+B3 polymerisation) and their nanocomposites with MWCNT and GO 2012-2018 Completed
Ph.D Simi Anne Tharakan Studies on polyimides with long/bulky aromatic pendent groups and their nanocomposites with silica a 2012-2020 Completed


M.Tech M.Sc M.Phil